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Gourmet Rainbow Board Book

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Rainbow Gourmet childrens board book is a tour of the beautiful spectrum of food and dip a toe into culinary and nature poetry. A rhythmic, short and delicious book exploring 13 different fruit, vegetables, canned goods, cured meats, and more. Take infants, toddlers, and young children through a charming introduction to fine foods with modern vintage illustrations and bold sight words.

Discover and discuss colors, shapes, textures, origins, rhyming, and phonetics. A great length for mealtime or bedtime, or placed alongside a baby gym, baby playmat or busy board, this charming board book is an instant classic.

Red Tomatoes - Orange Escargot - Yellow Lemon - Green Olives - Blue Caviar - Purple Figs - Pink Prosciutto - Brown Chocolate - Black Truffles - White