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Booty Baby Balm

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A gentle and amazingly effective balm to heal babies delicate and sensitive skin. Gentle enough to use with cloth diapers.

How to Use

Apply nightly to prevent diaper rash or as needed to heal irritated skin or baby (and the whole family). Helps to prevent chapped cheeks and lips during the brisk winter months and dry, desert weather. Also, helps to heal scrapes and scratches.


Benefits of Ingredients

Organic Hemp and Pumpkin Seed Oil are known healing oils and great for calming reddness, chapped skin and irritants.

Mango Butter is ultra-moisturizing, hydrates skin, and prevents dry, itchy, and tight skin.

Beeswax when applied to the skin forms a protective barrier that helps protect from environmental toxins, while holding in moisture and reducing dryness.

Chamomile and Tea Tree Oil are healing oils used to treat skin inflamation.