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We are excited to announce our transition from the Square loyalty program to Joy! This move aligns with our switch to Shopify, aiming to offer a more seamless and consistent customer experience. Moreover, it simplifies the checkout process, allowing you to remain within Shopify without the hassle of toggling between platforms.

Rewards Program

Anything and everything you need to know about the Rewards Program can be found below.

  • Where can they earn rewards?

    They can now earn points either online or in-store for every purchase they make and every friend they refer. They can even get rewards from any of our locations!

  • How They Earn Points

    • Create an Account
    • Earn Points for Every Dollar You Spend
    • Like Us on Facebook
    • Share Us on Facebook
    • Follow Us on Instagram and TikTok

    Plus, when they refer a friend, they'll give the friend $10 to spend and they'll receive $10 to spend online or in-store!

  • How They Can Spend Their Points

    • $10 Off Your Purchase
    • 10% Off Your Purchase
    • Free Shipping
    • Plus, receive an extra Birthday Reward

Now let's look at the new program.

Below you'll find a few guides to help ensure you learn how to help customers with the new program before it even launches. If you have any questions, make sure to send them to Rachel so we can add them to an FAQ section on this page for ease.

  • When are we launching the new program?

    We don't have an exact date yet, but once we do we'll make sure you know!

  • What about people's existing points in the Square program we're using?

    We're going to give customer till the end of November to use those points. Unfortunately, those points won't be brought over to this new program.

    If anyone is in distress at all about this, give them a 30% off discount for that day as an apology.

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Adding New Customers

So a customer added their name to the sign-up sheet; now what? This section will tell you step-by-step how to add each person into Shopify and send them the introduction email automatically.

Sidenote: Make sure to tag new customers with "BunkyRewards" so the automation works correctly.